50 Copper Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

50 Copper Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

50 Copper Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

April 18, 2016 | Decor | No Comments
Metallics go with everything, any type wood, any color, any style of decor. Copper is all the rage this season, so here are a few ideas of what a touch of bling can do for your home.








copper knife



copper measuring cups

copper pans

copper paper towel holder

copper spoon holder

copper tray

copper toaster

copper bottle opener

copper mug holder

copper utensil holder

copper dish drainer

copper coffee maker

copper martini glasses

copper cocktail shaker

copper compost bin

copper napkin holder

copper french press

copper soap dispenser

copper ice cream scoop

copper water pitcher

copper kettle

copper blender

copper dish towel holder

copper Sink Suction Holder

copper storage basket

copper trivet

copper slow cooker

copper salad bowl

copper counter stool

copper electric oven

copper clock

copper ice bucket

copper brandy warmer

copper ladle

copper punch bowl

copper pendant light

copper cake server

copper cannele molds

copper cookie cutters

kitchen backsplash copper

copper sink

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