DIY Crayon Hearts

DIY Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts are super easy to do and they look really cute. This is a great project to entertain the kids at a party or a boring rainy day. It requires very little material and it’s heaps fun. They can make the hearts (or any other shape they’d like, robots, dinosaurs, planes, stars, flowers, cars, dolls, soldiers) and take them home as party favors. They’ll love it!!!

1 – You’ll need:
* crayons
* an ice tray (make sure is oven safe), a candy mold or a cookie cutter in the desired shape
* an oven

2 – Remove the paper wrapping from the crayons.( I used a craft knife to do it), the removal process is very annoying, but the kids will have a blast.

3 – Mix 3 similar colors together to create a cool effect, you can also mix more colors or make a solid color for each heart.

4 – Brake the crayons in three parts and fit them in the tray.

5 – Bake the crayon at 180ºC for 10 to 15 minutes, but keep an eye out, if you leave them too long they’ll burn.

6 – Wait until the crayons are completely cool and carefully remove them from the tray.

7 – Put the crayons in a cute box or party bag and you’re done : )

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