Doctor Who Nursery

Doctor Who Nursery

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The great thing about a Doctor Who themed nursery is anything goes, cowboy hat, angels, bow ties, dinosaurs, robots, monkeys… Here are some ideas that will delight future Whovians everywhere.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

1. Start off with a bang. This Exploding TARDIS wallpaper is 10ft (304.80 cm) wide x 8ft (243.84 cm) tall.

2. The door decal is 30″ x 79″ (77×200 cm) but you ask them to customize it for your door.

3. The Gallifreyan vinyl wall decal 10.06″ x 30.67″ (25.6 x 78 cm) and it comes in 34 different colors.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery
Fill the room with cool prints and posters:

4. Dictionary TARDIS print

5. The silhouettes of all eleven Doctors come together to ask the question- “Who?”

6. Wonderful typography prints by artist Ayse Toyran Werner. You can choose between the 11th doctor, 10th doctor or 9th doctor prints. She also does a lot of other pop culture icons, check it out.

7. Don’t blink weeping angel print.

8. Ninth Doctor’s favorite: “Fantastic!” print.

9. Print and night light in 1. Glow in the Dark TARDIS poster.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

10. TARDIS Shaped Throw Pillow

11. Get your timey-wimey ruggy-wuggy here

12. TARDIS Light Switch Plate Cover

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

13. Every Whovian needs a mobile. It’s really easy to DIY one using felt, here’s a tutorial. Or if you wanna your kid to became Doctor Who, you can DIY one just like the original e create a golden solar system one.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery
Get some Doctor Who fabric and start sewing.

14. Baby blanket, duvet cover or throw blanket, you can sew all with the fabric of choice. Or, if you’re not that crafty, you can choose between lots of cute already made ones.

15. Don’t forget the teething rail covers.

16. DIY curtains tutorial. Or buy some here. Or you can get some realy cute valances here.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

17. TARDIS Table Lamp

18. Action Figures (Set of 11)

19. Adipose stress toy

DIY Doctor Who Nursery

The closet is, of course, a TARDIS. Who doesn’t want a closet that’s bigger on the inside? Here’s a full tutorial.

DIY Doctor Who Nursery
And, finally, you can fill your TARDIS closet with lots and lots of cool Doctor Who onesies.

21. TARDIS Onesie

22. How cute is that? Your own baby doctor

23. You can personalize it with your baby name.

Original project: My doctor who nursery
Additional photos: Baby center

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