Easter Wedding Inspiration: Delicate Pastels

Easter Wedding Inspiration: Delicate Pastels

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Easter wedding: Yea or nay? 

Cons – First you’ll have to confirm whether or not your celebrant will perform a wedding on this holiday — note that Easter is the holiest holiday in the Christian calendar and it is highly unlikely that a priest will perform a wedding ceremony on this day. Also, remember that getting married on a holiday may be a hassle for guests who have to sit in traffic and pay more for airfares and hotels, if your wedding involves travel.

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Pros – If the wedding falls on that Saturday and you’re having the ceremony in a church, you can save a lot of money because the church will already be decorated with flowers and they even might let you have an opinion on the flowers that they will be using. If your wedding guests are just family and close friends, your wedding can also double as a great Easter lunch.

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When incorporating a holiday motif into your wedding, subtlety and consistency are key: blink quickly and you’ll barely notice that the porcelain ring stand has ears or that the bridesmaids’ shoes resemble tie-dyed Easter eggs. Here are some ideas for your Eater celebration.

Easter Wedding Inspiration

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