Lost Nursery

Lost Nursery

June 28, 2013 | Decor, DIY | 2 Comments

It’s safe to assume that hundreds of babies were conceived after Lost went off the air. I mean, what else was there to do now that you were done typing out lengthy conspiracy theories? So it’s only natural that one cool (crazy?) portuguese couple designed a Lost-inspired nursery for their newest Lostie. The Baby Station is complete with an Oceanic Airlines mobile, Dharma Initiative pillows and blankets, an oversized polar bear and even the white rabbit #8. I wonder if they named the baby Aaron? Have fun watching the making of the coolest nursery ever.

DIY 'Lost' Nursery

DIY Lost Nursery

1. Fake trees and artificial grass are a must to give your Lostie’s nursery that jungle feel.

2. A giant stuffed Polar Bear from The Hydra Station (also used on advertisement for Butties Diapers made by Drive Shaft)remember that?

3. A easily DIYable Dharma wooden crate.

4. OK, the green bathtub doesn’t appear on Lost, but Aaron needs a bath, right?

DIY Lost Nursery

5. This oceanic 815 mobile can be made by purchasing the (very pricey) boeing 777 model. Or, if you’re not fussed, you can buy some cheaper toy planes and customize them with a oceanic sticker, like the Others did for Aaron in “Maternity Leave”.

6. Get a new recruit baby blanket. OrDharma baby blanket from the pacifier station available in blue and pink.

7. If you missed the auction back in 2010, they sold Aaron’s crib for $8000. Lostify any crib with a Dharma vinyl decal sticker.

8. Customize any 100% cotton fabric with an iron on transfer decal or an iron on transfer patch.

DIY Lost Nursery

9. As it turns out, their baby’s name is Paris (???). So, they created the Paris Station. Made from scratch by the awesomest parents ever.

10. The statuette of the Virgin Mary filled only with love to look after your baby.

11. Take a “Desmond and Penny’s Style” photo.

12. Stickers galore. Max Pictures has pretty much every label for your Dharma Initiative needs.

DIY Lost Nursery

13. Bunny #8 also makes an appearance in the nursery as a night light.

14. A nice image of the island and one of Danielle Rousseau’s maps on the walls.

15. A diaper changing station with the Staff Station logo patch.

DIY Lost Nursery

16. The teddy bear from tailie Emma on top of the vinyl decal numbers.

17. The Orientation video with the baby ultrasound can be easily made by upcycling an old tin and adding stickers.

18. The Dharma Van sold for $47,500 at the auction, but you can get a mini version for less than $15 and dharmafy it.

19. Get a Sawyer bobblehead, every time you look at it you can image he’s like: “Doctor playing golf. Woo, boy howdy, now I’ve heard everything. What’s next, cop eating a donut?”

20. These baby onesies are sooooo cute. Check out ABC’s lost store, they have 1275 different outfits. And while you’re at it, get this maternity shirt and call yourself the Baby Hatch.

Original project: M&J Collection

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  1. M&J

    June 29, 2013

    What a wonderfull post. We love it!!

  2. RandomTuesdays

    July 1, 2013

    Thank you!
    Excellent job on the nursery. You guys rock!

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