The Most Untraditional Engagement Rings

The Most Untraditional Engagement Rings

October 18, 2012 | DIY, Weddings | 10 Comments

As the internet draws attention to the awesomeness of geek weddings, an increasing number of couples are finding it easy to skip the traditional wedding route for their special day. Doing so not only avoids the financial sinkhole that is the wedding industry, but also creates a ceremony that is far more personal and, ultimately, meaningful. Presenting: the weirdest collection of engagement rings. Because weirdos also fall in love.

1. Stoneless Engagement Ring

Stoneless Engagement Ring
He gives you the small box, you open it and inside you find a ring with a silver diamond: this is a promise of a life together and one day that diamond will become real. $175 @ Fancy

2. Space Invaders Engagement Ring

Space Invaders Engagement Ring
Amsterdam-based design studio, Tjep, create some pretty amazing objects of desire. Their products range from furniture to jewellery, including the Invader Aiko ring. $249 @ Tjep

3. Gambler Engagement Ring

Gambler Engagement Ring
This ring is a perfect piece of jewelry for people who say that they don’t wear jewelry. It really does help with decisions (odds I stay home, evens I go out). As proper dice should, each pair of opposing sides adds up to seven. $88 @ Individual Icons

4. Hello Kitty Engagement Ring

Hello Kitty Engagement Ring
Aaaaaaawwww, who doen’t love Hello Kitty? Why not a Hello Kitty Engagement ring? $165 @ Rakuten

5. Lord of the Rings Engagement Ring

Lord of the Rings Engagement Ring
GriffinsLand studio have many young man that have great talent in designing themed jewelry, and most important, they love Lord of the Rings. The ring comes in 20 different styles. $33 @ Griffinsland

6. DNA Engagement Ring

DNA Engagement Ring
Katey Brunini creates fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature. Whimsical and poetic, Katey’s signature collections include: Twig, Vertebrae, DNA, Skipping Stones, Spider Web, Objects Organique and Spirit Animals. Her jewelry is made with poetry laced in its shapes.

7. Plastic Engagement Ring

Plastic Engagement Ring
Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of AMT Inc is a New World-Old World mash-up. Alissia simply created a whole new category when she launched these quintessential ‘diamond’ rings. Precision laser cut out of Acrylic in an abundance of colors they can be worn as a single or stacked. $16 @ AMT

8. USB Engagement Ring

USB Engagement Ring
The wife-to-be of the game developer, Ray Arifianto, who works on the Xbox Platform team at Microsoft bought the love of her life a custom-made USB wedding ring to celebrate his geeky tendencies, even though she doesn’t share them. The gold ring isn’t actually a functional USB drive, but its design is reminiscent of one. The interior is engraved with the words, “For a lifetime of memories,” an allusion to the USB’s storage capabilities. Aww!

9. Periodic Table Engagement Ring

Periodic Table Engagement Ring
Can you say nerd bling? These periodic table rings not only sport the elemental info for silver, gold and platinum, but they’re made out of the actual metals they represent. $360 @ Inn

10. Indiana Jones Engagement Ring

Indiana Jones Engagement Ring
Redditor Homerliwag is a brave man. It’s one thing to face snakes, bugs, spiked pits, rats, and Nazis. It’s quite another to offer your girlfriend a ring box with nothing but a tiny bag of sand inside, and tell her Indiana Jones must have gotten there first, just like the movie. The “bag of sand” bought him some time to have the ring custom made. You can see his designs here.

11. Möbius Strip Engagement Ring

Möbius Strip Engagement Ring
The Mobius strip is a one-sided nonorientable surface obtained by cutting a closed band into a single strip, giving one of the two ends thus produced a half twist, and then reattaching the two ends.The Mobius ring is great as a gift between partners in a relationship while the gifting of the ring symbolizes their unity and oneness. On a similar note, the mobius ring serves eloquently as a wedding ring. $765 @ Ka Gold Jewelry

12. Bolt Engagement Ring

Bolt Engagement Ring
Artist  Kiley Granberg created this brass, 24k gold plate and white zircon wedding bands. And although the stone is set into the men’s ring, when screwed together, the stone actually sits against the woman’s finger.

13. Twilight Engagement Ring

Twilight Engagement Ring
This glamorous sterling silver engagement ring is an exact replica of the one Edward gives to Bella in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Petite mill grain dots circle the oval ring face, which is almost 1″ high and is encrusted with dozens of tiny, glittering genuine crystals. $70 @ Amazon

14. PB and J Engagement Ring

PB and J Engagement Ring
Each ring is completely handmade by me with polymer clay and love. Far from the diamond as possible, this rings are more a friendship thing than anything else. But they’re super cute and reaaaaaly affordable.  $18 (pair) @ Etsy

15. Player Engagement Ring

Player Engagement Ring
Another great idea for a custom made wedding ring. This is the bride’s blog, she tells their story and how he proposed, but there’s not much information on the ring. Maybe you can ask her directly.

16. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring
This Classic 14K Black Gold, 3.0 Carat Black Diamond, Solitaire Ring is luxurious and elegant. The black gold will wear off in about 6 month to a year of wearing making your ring look exquisite vintage by exposing solid white gold base on the edges and flat surfaces. Black rhodium reapplication is not necessary, however if desired, the seller provides 2 free black rhodium alloy reapplication on all designer black gold rings for my customers. $1959 @ Etsy

17. The Hobbit Engagement Ring

The Hobbit Engagement Ring
The  Official Licensed The Hobbit “Thorin’s Ring” hand crafted in Middle Earth New Zealand (where else?) home of Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Trilogy. Each ring is unique and custom made to order here by our hobbits in middle earth. This ring is crafted in SOLID 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a Hobbit leather pouch and license card of authenticity. $170 @ The hobbit jewelry

18. Superman Engagement Ring

Superman Engagement Ring
This custom made subtle superman ring was designed by Matthew Valentine, a award winning CAD design jewelry artist who have created over 5,000 pieces over the last 10 years.

19. Metroid Engagement Ring

Metroid Engagement Ring
We were able to locate some fossilized Metroids in their natural habitat! Please be warned though – by wearing this ring you risk invasion of your home town by those who are very protective of their kin. We are not responsible for any invasions that your city may have nor the destruction of your kind. $25 @ Youjelly

20. Wall-e Engagement Box

Wall-e Engagement Ring
This custom made engagement ring box was made by the Model Maker. It was built for a gentleman from Los Angeles who found him by his previous works. It features his favourite character from Disney/Pixar movies – Wall-E. “When I got the question about making small Wall-E as an engagement box, I couldn’t say NO. There is few toys on the market I could start with, but I wanted to make him from scratch.”

21. Bear Tooth Engagement Ring

Bear Tooth Engagement Ring
A stunning bear tooth  ring , based on tale # 161 of the brother’s Grimm of snow white and rose red about their encounter of a bewitched bear who turns into a prince. The tale focuses on the generosity and kindness of two girls towards a bear who visits them nightly during the winter to warm himself by the fire. after an evil dwarf who had stolen the prince’s gold is killed by the bear, the curse is broken and he is returned to his human form. the prince goes on to marry snow white, while his brother marries rose-red. $140 @ Etsy

22. Love Letter Engagement Ring

Love Letter Engagement Ring
Your personal love letter bound in a custom sterling silver ring. Truly take someone’s breath away with this intimate and poetic piece. These rings are custom made. Write a personal letter for your partner and show them how much they mean to you.$200 @ Fancy

23. D10 Engagement Ring

D10 Engagement Ring
A 10 sided die is used for role-playing games (not the kinky kind!) This ring was designed by the groom, and forged by his own father.

24. Mario Engagement Box

Mario Engagement Ring

25. Harry Potter Engagement Box

Harry Potter Engagement Ring
Redditor trehlo says: “This is how I proposed to my girlfriend.”
Redditor UsernameOfFourWords inquires, obligatorily: “After she accepted, did you slytherin her hufflepuff?”

26. Glow Engagement Ring

Glow Engagement Ring
Like the Norrsken, the Isotope design features a section of Moonglow luminescent material. This time the Moonglow has teamed up with solid CNC-milled titanium for one of our most talked-about designs ever. The Isotope is all about contrast. The brilliant glow of the lume, and the sharp lines of the titanium create a visual moment that refuses to be ignored. $325 @ Black Badger

27. Transformers Engagement Ring

Transformers Engagement Ring
This ring was designed by this guy who’s girlfriend, for some reason, loves decepticons. So he took his design to his local jeweller, Gipson Diamond, who than made the ring.

28. Stargate Engagement Ring

Stargate Engagement Ring
This Stargate engagement ring box was created by Aerobrine. Not only does this ring look like the actual Stargate, it moves like it, too. The chevrons actually spin, which is really amazing. They may have finally found the perfect balance, the perfect combination of geekiness and romance.

29. Star Trek Engagement Ring

Star Trek Engagement Ring
Generations of geeks have watched and been impressed by the ethics and sci-fi aesthetics promoted by Star Trek. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we see engagement and wedding rings that are inspired by the Star Trek insignia. This Star Trek Engagement Ring is made from Sterling Silver and white sapphire and looks really beautiful. $500 @ Etsy

30. Cat 5 Engagement Ring

Cat 5 Engagement Ring
A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black. The male ring stands tall and dramatically transparent. Switch-up the sexes! Order two of the same! The world is your technological oyster. $175(each) @ Etsy

31. Han Solo and Princess Leia Engagement Ring

Han Solo and Leia Engagement Ring
Our original Han & Leia Wedding Bands have gotten a makeover, and are now available in your choice of 21 fonts. Han Solo is too badass to say ‘I love you’. But he’s also one of the sexiest scoundrels there is. Have your own little Han & Leia role play with these hand stamped sterling wedding bands. $85 @ Etsy

32. Knuckle Engagement Ring

Knuckle Engagement Ring
Kate Mess is a contemporary jeweler, artist, and designer musing on enamel, metal, pattern and ornamentation in rugged and gorgeous midcoast Maine. Inspired to make jewelry that pushes boundaries and offers new definitions of what adornment can be, she is intrigued by clever design. Mixing the styles of engagement rings and brass knuckles, much can be said about this ring, but I will let it speak for itself… Cast in sterling silver and set with four 1-carat cubic zirconia. Also available in brass or gold and diamonds. This ring can be totally customized!

33. Less than 3 Engagement Ring

Less than 3 Engagement Ring
What better way to say “I less than three you” than with a ring? Tradition meets modern dork with grace and style.
Bonus points if you make an air heart whilst wearing it. The ring is solid sterling silver, using thicker than average metal for superb weight and durability. Sleek and modern, the unisex design looks fantastic on everyone. $55 @ Etsy

10. Darth Vader Light Saber Engagement Ring

Light Saber Engagement Ring
This is a custom Darth Vader light saber themed wedding band from the same guy who made the Indiana Jones engagement ring up there. The engagement ring isn’t the last ring that’s involved in the whole getting married process, and so recently Homerliwag shared a link to his latest creation: a Star Wars themed wedding band that’s a little bit light saber, and a little bit Vader’s chestplate.

35. Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring

Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring
This Zelda inspired wedding band was designed by the bride itself, Wisconsin based artist Jennifer M Crawford. Here’s some more Zelda wedding inspiration.

36. Green Lantern Engagement Ring

Green Lantern Engagement Ring
This ring is created by Californian master goldsmith M.J.G. He carves rhe wax, casts the metal and perform all the finishing touches. $81 on Ebay

37. Microchip Engagement Ring

Microchip Engagement Ring
This is the ring of choice if your love is in the IT industry or just loves computers. The ring comes in a heart shaped circuit box. The ring doesn’t include diamonds, but it does include a micro-chip embedded it in.

38. Muppets Engagement Box

Muppet's Engagement Ring

39. Drinker Engagement Ring

Drinker Engagement Ring

40. Photo Engagement Ring

Photo Engagement Ring
Groom-to-be Luke Jerram worked with jewelry designer Tamrakar on the bespoke projector ring design. It features a mini lens and transparent slide with a tiny image of himself and his bride that is ‘projected’ when you shine light through it.

41. Toy Story Engagement Box

Toy Story Engagement Ring
One more from The Model Maker The custom made engagement ring box inspired by Disney/Pixar animation Toy Story. All characters are sculpted and the box is scratchbuilt. You can see 360 animation of the box here.

42. Nintendo Wedding Invitation

Nintendo Wedding Invitation

43. Lego Engagement Ring

Lego Engagement Ring
If the thought of marriage instill secret fears in you, fears of losing that secret childhood place you’ve kept inside yourself for so long, fear no more. A stand has been made, both in the name of love and childhood Lego engineering, with a Lego wedding ring. And it looks like Tyler Walker, the man who took the history-making step didn’t skimp out and had his Lego wedding ring designed out of platinum.

44. Doctor Who Engagement Ring

Doctor Who Engagement Ring
“I was bored and made this” says the designer of this master piece, Pathetic Peripatetic. Its a Police Box based ring with a 1CT Princess Cut center stone. The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box. $380 @ Art & Gem

45. R2 D2 Engagement Ring

R2 D2 Engagement Ring
This is the R2-D2 themed engagement ring designed by Joe for his girlfriend Emily, who he met when they were both working at the same tattoo shop. The ring was brought to life by Paul Mitchell Design and the folks at CustomMade.

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    Lots of really interesting rings here! Thanks for featuring my engagement ring (number 15).

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    The wow collection, especially Indiana Jones Ring, Mobius strip, & Twilight Rings are awesome.. Added to my wish list

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    January 29, 2014

    Uhm Number 9 is NOT a USB ring.. it could not fit into any USB device….

  6. Kayla

    May 8, 2014

    Ok I know this is a long shot but…. I have been looking forever to get my boyfriend the Metroid ring so that I can ask him to marry me. I’ve tried ” you jelly” however it is no longer in business if any one knows where else I can find one or is selling one please help a girl out please. Thank you

  7. Ron

    May 22, 2014

    Um…number 8 is the USB cord, not number 9 silly :)

  8. stargateSG1fan

    July 2, 2014

    The Stargate engagement ring is so beautiful! O_O Where can I buy this?? Does anyone know?

  9. cristy

    May 24, 2017

    Allthough TWILIGHT ENGAGEMENT RING and R2 D2 ENGAGEMENT RING are among the best but i like all the rings

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