Christmas Morning Essentials

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning traditions. Being born in Brazil, I never had many of those, we are big on Christmas eve, waiting for midnight is really exciting when you’re a kid. We open the presents while having dessert, staying up way past bedtime. But, Christmas mornings are boring. We sport a brand new watch or cool sneakers we got as gift, eat leftovers from last night’s feast while watch some crappy show on TV.

So, as a grown up, living in Australia, I started incorporating some of the Christmas cheer in the next morning as well. A big breakfast hooplah, with french toast and eggnog, everyone wears silly matching pajamas (pets included) and we always leave one present under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning, usually a fun game we’ll play for the rest of the day.


christmas morning gift ideas

Eggnog never tasted so cute. Make a really tasty eggnog or hot cocoa recipe and this hand-painted mug will make it all the more yummy.

To keep our family’s touchies comfy when gathering around, sitting on this set of 4 cushions to sing a Christmas song or play a fun game.

French toasts or pancakes, no matter which you prefer for Christmas breakfast, in these plaid plates, they’ll taste extra special.

Is there anything more Christmas-y than peppermint bark? Whether you make it from scratch or buy it in a super pretty tin, chocolate is always a must have.

christmas morning gift ideas

The perfect companion for curling up on the couch and watch Home Alone. This throw is not only gorgeous, but the pom poms also doubles as a cute toy for your cat.

Super comfy slippers are a must any day of the year, but on Christmas morning it also has to be cute af to appear on photos. This one check all the boxes.

How into Christmas are you? Test your knowledge by challenging friends and family to a Christmas themed trivia game and claim the champion title.

Wake up in style in this gorgeous silk pajama set with mistletoe design and red contrasting piping You also have the option of getting of monogramed.

christmas morning gift ideas

Last night you baked cookies for Santa, today, you’ll eat them all. This book has 50 recipes to choose from along with dozens of decorating and packaging ideas.

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